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About Mandy

“The Pace of Modern life is making us sick” says Dr Libby Weaver.


Whilst I have been a ‘Rushing Woman’ myself I am concerned at the effects our busy lifestyles are having on women’s health, happiness and relationships. Without time for restoration, our bodies can burn out. Adrenal exhaustion is a rapidly growing condition.

I believe that Our Health is our main Wealth and often it is not until we are suffering poor health that we take the time to look after and value our Well Being.

Taking time out from the demands, responsibilities and busyness of the day is an effective way to restore one’s wellbeing.

My religion is Kindness and I believe that when people can be kind to themselves, by learning to love and value themselves they have greater capacity to show kindness to others. Taking time out for oneself is not a selfish act, it actually benefits those around you who you love and care for.

“Quiet reflective time, physical rest through meditation and visualisation, having opportunity to be spontaneous again and find your creativity is what is on offer at this retreat. I  provide opportunities for women to remember their true worth and to experience balance, calm, clarity and laughter into their lives,"

I dare you to be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a day of Self-Care  ;)


Mandy Price.

Bachelor of Education

Masters of Counselling

Civil Celebrant

Massage Therapist

About Mandy

Mandy has been an educator in the area of Health and Personal Development for 30 years and a counsellor for 10 years.

She has undertaken study in the areas of Health and Healing, Personal Development, Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Discovering Spirituality, Goddess, Reiki, Massage, NLP, Transpersonal Counselling.

The 1 day retreat was perfect for me to be still for a few hours and listen. The trees and the wind had plenty to share with me! I was both nurtured and challenged, and loved my time with Mandy.